The only gym membership, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and wellness coach that you can resell once you've achieved your fitness goals.

Certified Personal Trainer in your pocket

Nimbly maneuver through your environment as you master the various vaults and rolls to become the ninja or assassin you've always dreamed of.

Tomahawk sledgehammer  slam and tire flip your way towards brute strength like the barbarian.

Our digital training app connects you with the right coach to propel you forward in your fitness goals, all from one convenient location. No more guessing what to eat, how to train, or how to get started. We got you covered!

Fitpros DAO digital training app

FitPros DAO Memberships

We focus on value and immediate utility. Your  NFT will grant you access to an exclusive fitness community, with various health and wellness training options and is an asset you can immediately resell or transfer anytime.
Choose your training duration that best fits your lifestyle and availability 

90 day bronze membership
  • FiPros DAO training and tracking app
  • Weekly progress checks & assessments
  • General nutrition guidance
  • Group check in w/ FitPro coaches
  • Semi private discord community
  • Default $FPD token reward payout

$ 375 BUSD

6 month silver membership
  • Cusomized meal plan with racking intergration
  • 1-on-1 private coaching with FitPRos DAO coaches
  • Personalized habit coaching & tracking
  • 5% $FPD token bonus rewards
  • Monthly challenges & Giveaways

$650 BUSD

 1year Gold membership
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching w/ wellness partner
  • Unlimited on demand training options
  • Discount on fitness merch
  • 12% $FPD token bonus rewards
  • Whitelist for DAO and Partnerships

$1200 BUSD

FitPros DAO Partnership - TaskHuman

We are the first holistic training platform that believes in collaboration vs competition. We understand the need to focus on each person's unique goals and where they are concerning those goals. We do not apply a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Therefore we have teamed up with TaskHuman the industry leader and the world's first platform with real-time access. This means you get immediate 1-on-1 live video coaching 24/7 from more than 1000 industry experts covering hundreds of areas of wellness!

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