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Why we got started

Posted by Shannon Vital on

We have a severe problem the health and fitness industry exploits your lack of knowledge for their financial gain. FitPros CURE for dis-ease helps you fight back by arming you with premium resources and opportunities to create a strong mind and body. Together, we will guide you from confused and cautious to empowered and experienced.

FitPros C.U.R.E. for dis-ease is an online group of internationally certified fitness professionals charged with tackling the second global pandemic of "dis-ease" and provide help for the less fortunate. Globally millions of people are stressed, eating unhealthy, socially disconnected, not exercising correctly, as well as a host of other mentally taxing obstacles. Unfortunately, we believe the current health, wellness, and fitness model does not tackle the root cause of people's problems. Often are instead exploiting their lack of knowledge for financial gain.

Currently, wellness providers only offer a singular approach to wellness; if you are a yoga teacher, you do Yoga; Zumba = Zumba, personal trainer, = personal trainer. With the Covid pandemic, clients need various tools and resources to help them; gone are the days of a "one-size" fits all training approach. Additionally, clients need to have access to all these resources no matter where they live, with nothing more than an internet connection and a willingness to learn.

We created a "Get Health, Give Help" business model where clients with the means and access to focus on wellness-derived initiatives can do so, enabling us to use the proceeds to donate to charitable organizations and helping the impoverished globally.

Our team is currently composed of 20 individuals, with nine instructors from various areas of wellness such as Yoga, meditation, strength training, Zumba, nutrition, detoxification, and lifestyle coaching, to name a few. The other 11 team members compile our administrative team covering social media management, direct response ad copy, and digital marketing and sales funnel strategies.

The purpose of FitPRos CURE for dis-ease is to challenge the status quo of the health & fitness industry, which exploits people for their lack of knowledge. We are determined to create an industry that is results-driven, caring, transparent, affordable, and available to everyone.

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