Transform your body, your mind, your finances your LIFE! Wellness = WEALTH
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Our Mission: Provide holistic self development & empowerment opportunities to everyone globally. 
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Kyzan Clanz intro page
Kyzan Clanz intro page
FitPros DAO where we are now
Kyzan Clanz intro page
Kyzan Clanz intro page

Get early access

We will be accepting only a small handful of clients who are eager to get in the best shape of their life and have fun while doing it! Each client will receive the following:

  • Initial 30 day general wellness coaching
  • Additional 90 day  personalized goal specific coaching
  • Digital training app
  • Meal plan and nutrition logging
  • Direct access to our team of wellness coaches
  • Ability to earn our token rewards early
  • Exclusive whitelist access for future DAO governance
  • Huge discount on follow on programming
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Meet the team

I wake up every day inspired and enthusiastic about creating a supportive space where people can look and feel their best, without wasting time and money in the process. I understand firsthand how challenging it can be to get fit and healthy in the day and age of information overload. So I created a unique experience where I combine the premium benefits of one-on-one personal coaching with the fun, competitive, and engaging aspects of online training, and the value add component of block chain gaming. I look forward to helping you achieve your impossible. ~L.I.F.T. Daily

Shannon - Chief Visionary Officer

ACE CPT Strength Training & Habit Coaching

Deepak has a decade of Marketing experience with both global companies and startups. He has launched 250+ product ranging from genetic sequencers, Service platforms and cloud-based software applications. He has also built technical applications using database tools and understands how to design a strong application. He is fully committed to Web3 and cryptocurrency. It is a tectonic shift of how people will interact with each other not only in business but in all aspects of life. He believes it is on par with the introduction of the cell phone, which changed human connection forever. Being healthy is also a passion for Deepak. He is a 200hour Yoga certified coach and an ayurvedic coach. He regularly trains his body in the gym and finds time to meditate and work on his mental health every day. He believes that our health is the single most important thing we can take care of in this life.

Deepak - Chief Marketing & Recruiting

Yoga & Ayurveda Coach

I'm an artist, Illustrator, and designer. Drawing has been a form of meditation for me since I was a kid, helping me slow down and focus like nothing else ever has. FitPros is building a platform that changes peoples lives and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Drake - Art & Digital Design

I'm a maverick going against the flow, figuring out new ways to break the current system and make something better out of it. I have been always curious about health, psychology, neuroscience and anything that is related to self-development and how to perform at the highest level. Grateful that now I'm at the front-line of the web3 working on solving global health issues.

Bors - Lead Developer

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